A New Approach to Style

My name is Juanita, and I am a personal stylist who is not interested in telling you some bs about how you need black dress pants and a midi boot this season. Instead, I'm going to help you discover your authentic, intuitive, timeless STYLE.

Fashion is not just about the clothes we wear; it's the way we express ourselves and our unique essence to the world. I believe that everyone has the potential to be stylish, and that the key is to tap into your intuition and find pieces that resonate with you on a deeper level. This is spiritual work, and clothes are honestly one of the last things this is about.

That is why I offer a unique approach to personal styling that goes beyond just choosing the right outfit for work or a special occasion. My goal is to help you uncover any blocks that may be keeping you from expressing your true self and to help you find a style that feels authentic and empowering.

In addition to my focus on personal style, I am hugely committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Our clothing choices have a huge impact on the environment, and I strive to work with brands and designers who prioritize ethical practices and minimal impact on the planet.

I am excited to help you discover your authentic and intuitive style, and to support you on your journey to becoming the most stylish and confident version of yourself.